Tesento is internationally positioned . We maintain trade missions currently in Germany, Hong Kong , Thailand , Dubai , Chinia and the United States of America . Our own products are generally tailored to the target country and with instruction manual , user guide , each tuned software .

Products other brand manufacturers , which are available on our market , meet the same requirements .

Shipping internationally

What good is the most beautiful and inovativste product when at the end of your " package " not safely and on time is on this globe in the right hands ? Complex are the tasks that do our experts sovereign for you . Packaging , customizing , addressing ... It is part of our perfectionism , that the next step is the function of logistics and packaging technology like clockwork . For this purpose, it requires countless clever solutions and clever hands .

Whether we deliver regionally with their own vehicles , bringing the single package on the right way to handle parcel and pallet delivery with proven service or store your product in its own insured buildings . We are ready. And we fly even if you want !


Shipping Up to a weight of 20 kg ( order volume ) we will ship free shipping generally worldwide. For orders which have a larger volume , or Sonderexpress- orders , your standard shipping , which we will of course provide, on request in advance .